Professional Installations

Not all driveways are the same, there are differences between the products and there are differences in how they are installed. The best products installed incorrectly will ultimately leave you with a bad driveway, bad driveways are not always immediately visible but after just a few weeks or months paving can begin to sink and edgings collapse if not installed to the required specification, correcting installation defects can often cost more that doing it properly first time round !!

Examples of installation defects:

1. Sinking driveway – Probable cause is insufficient base layers and or missing edgings which has allows the blocks to move and become compressed with the weight of the vehicles

2. Loose paving – Caused by the lack of edging to secure the blocks in position. The gravel is not sufficient to hold the weight of the driveway and will worsen over time

┬áThe following clips from the Marshalls TV – YouTube site shows what is involved with installing a driveway correctly:

For more details visit the Marshall’s webiste: